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News and tips for saving on utilities

Stay Connected: Choosing the Right Internet Provider

From streaming blockbuster movies to online gaming and remote working, a reliable internet connection becomes is essential. Learn how to say connected.

Sally Writes 06 Feb 2024

Simple Guide to Broadband: Understanding Fibre to the Node (FTTN), Fibre to the Curb (FTTC), and Fibre to the Premise (FTTP)

Confused by the different types of broadband? In this post, we're diving into three terms that you've likely heard: Fibre to the Node, Fibre to the Curb & Fibre to the Premise. Let's break them down & work out which is best for you.

Sally Writes 05 Dec 2023

Electricity Market Update: Power Demand Hits Record Low

Sally Writes 14 Nov 2023

How to Save on Everyday Household Expenses

Australians have been feeling the pinch as the cost of everyday living continues to rise. Take a look at our strategies to help you save money on your everyday household expenses.

Sally Writes 02 Oct 2023

Electricity Market Update: Understanding the Recent Price Increases

Australians have been feeling the pinch as the cost of everyday living continues to rise. Take a look at our strategies to help you save money on your everyday household expenses.

Sally Writes 18 Sep 2023

ACCC encourages Australians to compare electricity plans as offers rise above safety net

Australians are paying more than they need to as increased rates surpass safety net.

Anne Williams 14 Aug 2023

What Does Another Interest Rate Rise Mean For You?

Learn about the recent hikes in interest rates, the impact this might have on you and what you can do about it

Sally Writes 17 Nov 2022

Health Insurance Deals and Offers

Looking for a new health insurance policy? Take a look at some of the best deals and offers available to you from a range of health insurance providers.

Sally Writes 15 Nov 2022

Steering Towards A Future of Greener Vehicles

Electric vehicles are offering a range of cost, environmental, health and performance benefits as Australia gears towards a greener future.

Sally Writes 15 Nov 2022

The Essential Guide to Internet Speed Tests

Wanting to find out how fast your internet it is and whether you're getting the most out of your internet plan? Check out our guide to internet speed tests here.

Sally Writes 21 Oct 2022

What Is The State Of Australia's Energy Market?

Energy affordability is a major challenge for Australian households. But this also provides a range of fresh opportunities, according to the national regulator.

Sally Writes 13 Oct 2022

Handling Credit Card Debt And Escaping Increasing Interest Rates

Struggling with mounting credit card debt and rising interest rates? Don't waste time-learn how to tackle your debt for financial stability today.

Sally Writes 12 Oct 2022

The Property Market Is Falling-Here's What You Need To Know

Analysts predict the Australian property market will fall fast as a result of RBA's cash rate hike for the fourth month in a row. Here's what you need to know

Sally Writes 04 Oct 2022

Optimism Is On The Cards For Energy Prices

As the summer months are on the horizon, Australia is turning towards renewable energy to fill the forever-increasing prices and power our homes.

Sally Writes 04 Oct 2022

Energy Market Update: Australia Is On A Path To Net Zero

The Federal Government recently legislated an emissions reductions scheme, which is expected to drive down energy prices for Australian homeowners.

Sally Writes 29 Sep 2022

How Can I Apply for A Personal Loan?

If you would like to accelerate your journey towards a home, or even take that forever-planned holiday, then check out these steps to apply for a personal loan

Sally Writes 20 Sep 2022

When will Australia's energy prices drop?

If you've been startled by your latest gas and energy bill, then you're not alone? So, when will Australia's gas prices drop and provide relief to customers?

Sally Writes 16 Sep 2022

Top Tips For Moving House On A Budget

Moving house can be one of life's most stressful tasks but the Compare & Connect team are on standby to match you with accessible and affordable solutions.

Sally Writes 08 Sep 2022

Pros and Cons of Couples Health Insurance Policies

Thinking about couples health insurance? Read our comparison of the pros and cons of opting for a couples health insurance policy before making a decision.

Sally Writes 02 Sep 2022

Energy Market Update: Why Are Energy Prices So High?

This week's Energy Market Update outlines the soaring of wholesale energy prices, the factors disrupting east coast markets and the gas shortfall prediction.

Sally Writes 31 Aug 2022