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*Compare & Connect does not compare all utility providers or plans in the market. The availability of plans are subject to change from time to time. Not all plans made available from Compare & Connect providers are compared by Compare & Connect due to commercial arrangements, area, availability or eligibility. Not all plans compared by Compare & Connect will be available to all customers as some plans and special offers are available only from Compare & Connect’s contact centre or website. The plans available are only for properties located in eligible areas, postcodes and states. For more information on special offers available through Compare & Connect’s contact centre, kindly get in contact with Compare & Connect’s customer service team.

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Compare Pay TV and Streaming Plans and Providers

Compare & Connect's free and honest service includes comparison and connection to Pay TV and other streaming services.

Our Pay TV comparison service shows you a range of Pay TV and TV streaming services available in Australia, including their plans, pricing models and more. Access our expert advice and friendly service so we can help you find an option suitable for your needs. And it's all in one easy-to-use and convenient place.

At Compare & Connect, we pride ourselves on our integrity. We will always provide you with honest advice that we believe is the best interest for you, without ever pushing you towards particular providers. With this transparent service, you can invest in the Pay TV options that are best suited to you and your household with peace of mind.

What's the Deal with Pay TV?

Pay TV has completely changed the way we watch TV. The days of limited free-to-air channels and waiting a week for your favourite show are over: now you can watch anything you want, whenever you want, on a whole range of devices.

Foxtel is the original Pay TV option in the Australian landscape, offering packages of entertainment according to your preferences. Then streaming services such as Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime entered the market, offering even more options for TV-loving Aussies.

Today there are so many more options to choose from than ever before, and it can be hard to know what service to sign up to. All of these services offer different TV shows, movies, and more, and all of them come with pros and cons in terms of ease-of-use, value for money, and viewing experience. Let us help you find the one that is best for your needs!

Who We Are

Why should you consult with Compare & Connect before deciding on options for Pay TV and streaming services? We offer a tailored experience, providing recommendations that are based on your individual circumstances. We know that everyone is different, so you’ll never get a one-size-fits-all deal from us – just a friendly, honest service that takes into account your household, viewing habits, and budget.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider Compare & Connect when looking at Pay TV and streaming services:

  • Expert consultants: Don't have time to look at the pros and cons of every TV service on the market? We don't blame you! Our consultants do the legwork so you don’t have to, researching, learning and training to ensure our knowledge is accurate and up-to-date. We will present your options clearly and succinctly to make decision-making easy.
  • It’s free:Comparing Pay TV with Compare and Connect is completely free! The prices of the plans we offer have no hidden fees or mark ups. Instead, we charge a small commission to our Pay TV company partners in return for recommending them to you.
  • Honesty is our best policy: We’ve built our business on integrity and transparency. That means we will only ever recommend the services that we think are truly right for you. You can trust that you’re getting the best service, with no allegiances to any single company or provider.
  • Australian owned: Access a friendly and high-quality service while supporting the local economy as well! Compare & Connect are an Australian company, which means we understand the needs of fellow Aussies even more.

Let’s Compare

Our large range of partners means we can offer you a comprehensive view of what’s on offer when it comes to Pay TV. Be confident that you’re accessing the right services for you and your viewing needs.

Let us help you through the comparison process by getting a better understanding of what you’re looking for in Pay TV and streaming services.

  • What kind of TV shows, movies and other programs are you interested in? Some services offer a broad range of entertainment options, like dramas, comedies, sit-coms and box-office movies. Others have a more specific offering, like live sport from around the world.
  • What do you need in terms of internet connection and other infrastructure? Some Pay TV options require set-top boxes to connect, while others only require high-speed internet. You will probably need a newer model television for most services.
  • Are you interested in access to the latest releases? Love to see the latest movies before everyone else? Some services give you access to new releases, but there might be extra cost involved.

… And Connect

We will provide support from start to finish, making the process of connecting to Pay TV and streaming services easy. We don’t just help you find the a suitable service for your needs; we make sure your set up goes smoothly as well! Once you have decided on a product or service, we can help with the admin to make sure you’re enjoying your new TV programs in no time.

List of our active payTV retailers: 

Our vision is to develop the broad range of panel of suppliers under one roof to provide our customers wide range of choices to choose from. So far, we have successfully established relationship with following retailers: 

Kindly see active retailers available via website only option and call centre option or both. 

Retailer Name Available via Website Available via Call Centre
Foxtel No Yes

We are constantly working towards adding more and more retailers to this prestigious list. We are extremely proud of these partnerships. 

*Compare & Connect does not compare all plans in the market