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How it Works

Compare & Connect is committed to helping you make informed choices on a range of products, from cheap Electricity, Gas, Broadband, Fixed Wire Services, Mobile Phones and Pay TV. We are proud to be one of Australia’s leading platforms for Utility Connection and Comparison, based on number of services processed.

Our expert team is well placed to provide you with clear advice, which is accurate and tailored to meet your needs. Compare & Connect places transparency at the heart of what we do, this helps us to help you save money in the long-term.

The platform is owned by Origin Energy Limited and compares Origin products along with the products of our partners. However, this does not affect how products are ranked or displayed.

When we display results to you, they are ranked in order of price (low to high). However, Compare & Connect does not compare products from all providers or all products of participating providers that may be available in your area. Further, certain suppliers, products or services may not be compared or offered to you based on the information you provide, including:
In the case of electricity and gas:

  • your location
  • whether there is solar at the property;
  • whether you tell us you are moving or comparing plans; and
  • whether you choose a bundled offer, which may limit the range of offers we are able to present to you.

In the case of payTV:

  • your location.

In the case of broadband:

  • your location;
  • what you use the service for;
  • how many people use the service; and
  • the most important feature to you, being either price, speed or data.

In the case of life insurance:

  • your gender;
  • your age;
  • your smoking status; and
  • your occupation.

Any adjustments you make to the above information may affect the results presented to you. Compare & Connect does not make assumptions when deciding what products to display to you.

From time to time we may have access to better offers that are only available over the phone. Call us to see if you are eligible.

In the case of electricity, we will tell you how our supplier’s unconditional price compares with the reference price for the type of consumer that you tell us you are. We will display any difference as a percentage of the reference price. You can find out more information about the reference price obligation at this link.

Peace of Mind

There are many benefits to enlisting the help of our experts, including:

  • Expert knowledge: we take the heat out of selecting a company. Our consultants receive updated training and advice to present accurate information and excellence.
  • We’re based in Australia, for all Australians.
  • We’re free: our services are free for consumers. Instead, we take a commission from the company that you opt to use. While our service is provided to you without charge, you should check with your current supplier(s) whether any exit fees apply.
  • No extra costs: there are no hidden costs when you choose us. We take a small commission from the company that you select, which means you don’t pay anything extra (subject to any exit fees payable to your current supplier(s)).
  • Honest and trustworthy: we do the research to give you the right advice that is accurate and honest.

Our Services

At Compare & Connect, we do more than just compare and advise. We closely follow every company we work with and understand their core objectives and service capabilities. We only like to showcase those products or services that we are sure of. We always put the customer first!

Our expert consultants know all about the latest plans, deals, companies and policies to help you make an informed decision.

What’s the Catch?

There is no catch!

We never charge consumers fees!

Instead, we take a commission from the company that you choose – whether it is finance, utilities, or telecommunications.

We have commercial relationships with all of the suppliers whose products we compare.

The commissions they pay are cost-effective way for our partners to advertise and attract brand new customers who may not otherwise be aware of their plans, prices and services.

These payments allow us to continue to provide expert and catered services and attract new customers.

While our service is provided to you without charge, you may be subject to charges in relation to your current service, including exit fees. You should check this with your current supplier(s).

Our Partners

We have commercial relationships with all of the suppliers whose products we compare. So, you may be asking who we work with. Well, our extensive list of utility and service providers just keeps growing. We compare a suite of plans and policies from some of Australia’s best brands and companies.

While we have strong corporate relationships with organisations in the energy, telecommunications and finance sectors and are owned by Origin Energy Limited we have no allegiance to any single company.

Even if you have completed your own research and would like to discuss a company that we don’t currently work with, we’d love to hear from you. There are constantly new and emerging companies on the market that we want to hear about.