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How do I change my internet when moving house?

Although it might not be top of mind for essential services when moving house, making sure you have an internet connection in your new place is as important to some people as the electricity and gas. After all, you can’t relax with some Netflix at the end of a long day of unpacking if the internet isn’t working yet!

Luckily, ensuring you have an internet connection for work and play when you move in is relatively simple, especially if you’re staying in a similar area and don’t plan to switch providers. We’ve answered all your questions.

How Much Notice Should I Give To My Internet Provider?

The amount of notice that you need to provide to your internet provider depends on whether you plan to set up your home internet yourself, or you require a technician. You may need a technician in situations where the address you’re moving to hasn’t had internet before, your house is a new development or recently renovated, or you need the outlet for the internet moved within your house.

If you do require a technician, it’s a good idea to provide two weeks or more notice to ensure that someone is available to help you. If you have an easy set up process and you’re just going to do to it yourself, you still need to give your provider five business days’ notice at a minimum. Some providers may ask for more notice than others, so check with them first.

Not sure if you need a technician? It’s best to check with your provider and to allow as much notice as possible – even if you think you can go it alone, the process might be more complicated than you are counting on.

Will My Plan Or Contract Change?

You can transfer your existing home internet plan to your new address, so there is no need to change anything if you’re happy with your current contract. If you’re not locked in however, it may be a good time to check if your current plan is working well for your needs and consider whether you would like to upgrade or change your service.

Keep in mind that there may be disconnect, transfer or reconnection fees associated with moving addresses. When you contact your internet provider you can ask for these to be explained.

Will I Need Any New Equipment, Or Can I Use What I Already Have?

Your internet provider will be able to let you know if you need anything new, but in general you can continue to use the modem you were using in your old house. If your current equipment isn’t compatible in your new home, some providers will give you a new modem free-of-charge, so it’s worth checking with them.

Will My New Place Have The Same Speed And Connection?

If you’re moving around the corner, chances are you won’t notice any change in broadband speed when you move house. But if you are moving into a regional or rural area, you may no longer have access to the same infrastructure that is necessary for high-speed internet. Check your new address’s connection to see what is available.

Sally Writes 16 Nov 2020